7 December 2022

About Us

Advantech is an advanced technological company; A name that is synonym to technology and development that was established in 2004. Advantech company seeks to industrially and commercially development. Advantech company provides services in the field of technology, security systems, installations of security surveillance cameras, control devices, electronic lockers, printing of smart magnetic cards and a variety of services in the field of technology. The company is managed by a group of professionals with experience and competence in the field of technology and information systems

Our advantages

`We provide the latest products under the supervision of experts in the field of industry and technology

Our clients are ones who witness to our products as the best, which is the reason for their business success that satisfies their requirements which is our honor to have their confidence in us

Studying the client's requirements to provide the applicable technical solutions that best suit their needs and achieve their goals

Our team is professional (Our staff is the source of our strength). We train them with programs to keep up with the pace of scientific revolution in the world of technology, finance, business, which makes our staff able to deal with the latest knowledge

Company News

Installation cameras system fsdf

The advanced technology company Advantech installed many cameras systems in homes, private villas and foreign embassies. Where surveillance cameras play a significant role in the control and protection of public and private property and uncover all.. Read more

What is new

How to monitor your home via the Interne

Always offer the latest technologies used in the world of technology , connect cameras and engineered where our company linking cameras system in the Internet. where it can be viewed from anywhere in the world to observe the conduct of business by.. Read more

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Republic of Yemen
Tel: 90/445388-1-00967
Fax :90/445389-1-00967

About Company

Our company is characterized by the extensive coverage of all regions of Yemen, where our engineers work to provide the best services in the security aspects. Therefore we consider the customer contract with us is the beginning of an extended deal and not the end of work. The company also is characterized also competitively priced, where the last period in cooperation with the German, Korean and Chinese companies specializing in security and protection system. So we represent all market episodes beginning of the follow-up phase and even installed the product to the customer at the headquarters of his work or his home.